Introductory Level 1 town – Pink Apple Village!

Traveler! Big cities and towns start small. It is impossible for a metropolis to appear from one night to the other. It takes decades, perhaps centuries, for cities to come to be. Pink Apple Village was born after the war. The moat that protected a fort became a manor. Duke Yvesen lives there and takes care of the town, which now has a population of 300 people. A little than a decade ago, an extension of the stone walls that cover the manor was finished. That is how Pink Church Square was created. More and more important people come to live at Pink Apple Village, called like this of course, for its sweet pink apples.

A new group of adventurers is exactly what the people of the village need. They feel blessed when they see strong individuals or mages. They cannot contain themselves and shall ask for their help. Even for the most mundane things. Heroes can build a reputation from scratch with the good people of Pink Apple Village. If they play their cards right, they might be noticed by the duke, who might in turn have a more important job for them. Come meet the good folks of Pink Apple Village!

This is a level 1 introductory location with a chunk of role-playing, cool NPC to meet and know the lay of the land, and the opportunity to impress the local Duke and gain access to profitable ventures! Here’s a low-def preview of this illustration:

Here’s a close-up of the church square. The area is walled off as it used to be a military settlement in an earlier time. Now most people who live here dedicate their lives to hunting and agriculture.

The characters meet several NPCs on the way to the main square. They are commonfolk in need of the assistance of mercenaries and sellswords. It’s time to work!

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