June ’22 Loyalty Reward: World Breakers – Echidna!

Greetings Heroes & Heroines!

The time has come to reveal our new Loyalty Reward!

World Breakers: Echidna

Alien in nature, this giant creature stands 120mm tall ( base to tip of the head) will end everything on it’s path!

Echidna is the second entry of C2A0the “World Breakers”, a group of otherworldly beings of great power that also serve as Loyalty Rewards!

This Loyalty Reward miniature is given as a FREE REWARD to the subscribers that honor us with their presence for 3 consecutive months, currently from April to June.

You can check out how the Loyalty Reward System works here.

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The Echidna willC2A0be added to the MyMiniFactory library of the subscribers that are eligible to get it, with the June Release. As always it will have a presupported option as C2A0well.

We hope you like this Loyalty Reward!
How it will be used in your games?

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Happy printing everyone!
~ Crippled God Foundry Team ~

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