June full preview: Galactic Minig League! KILL AND DRILL!

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He was running for his life. Descending deeper and deeper down a long and dark corridor. The air was crazy hot and the walls so deliciously cold. If he could just stop for a second and lean against the wall with his whole body… Just one final relief before it is all over. But he could not give up. His friend was counting on him. Where the hell is he? He was right behind a moment ago. Keep running.

One look back, second look back, pitch black, nothing. He stumbled, regained balance, and tried to listen instead, but his own wheezing breath was all he could hear. That’s when his comrade shouted just a few steps behind him:

‘They are getting closer! Check your ammo!’

He is there. Thank God he’s alive. We can make it. We will make it! But the ammo! He patted down his satchels and got two clips and the last grenade. How could this ever be enough for the horde they have just encountered?

Suddenly, everything started trembling rhythmically. Sound of loud steps coming from every direction. And the drums… drums in the deep.

The evil was so close. His friend caught up and pushed him towards the side of a small chamber, one of many they have passed along. They leaned tightly against the wall. He could feel the cold but there was no relief. Only panic.

The sounds slowly faded. Maybe they have turned back? Maybe they have missed them? Just as he thought that, THEY have emerged from the darkness. First, they could see their eyes, turned shimmering gold from their disgusting greed. Then, they could smell their unwashed stench like they were the living incarnation of sweat. The last thing they ever saw was their beards, sticky with food and cheap beer.