June Midnight Goblins full preview.

Hi in June we will venture into the Morvinian mountains where Midnight Goblins clan residue.

The dark and murky valleys of the Morvinian mountains house various tribes of goblins. Once scattered and chaotic, they are now the second greatest force in the regionE28094right behind the Mal-Karagth dwarves. For centuries, the Kings of Goblinopolis have been dealing with the dwarves in order to remain in power. United against a common enemy, the tribes have little time to care about infightings that are so ordinary among other goblin nations. Living alongside the various vermin that inhabit the Morvinian depths, the goblins learned to coexist with the vilest creatures. Giant rats, spiders, maggots, and other pests have their place in the everyday business of Goblinopolis.

Goblinopolis is a sprawling underground city and a seat of power of the goblin kings. These self-proclaimed monarchs are a caste of the richest and most influential individuals. They oversee the cityE28099s growth and make sure to always present the neighboring dwarves as an ancestral threat whose mere existence is a threat to the goblinoid wicked sense of pride and state

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