The Cursed Sultan ~ JuneE2809922 Release Reveal!

Greetings Heroes & Heroines!

Next month you will find yourself in a fantasy middle eastern setting, battling Vampires and undead monstrosities, on a quest to stop “The Cursed Sultan”!

You will travel across the hot desert in search for the Vampire Sultan’s Lair were you will encounter ghoulish minions, monstrous abominations, bloodthirsty Vampires and save the captured princess with the help of your faithful exotic companions!

June E2809922 Release: E2809CThe Cursed SultanE2809D

16 Highly Detailed Miniatures ~ All Presupported! ~ !

  • The Cursed Sultan, a powerful vampire Lord.
  • Emir Vampire, SultanE28099s General.
  • Emir Beast Form, as Half Vampire half giant bat.
  • Sheikh Vampire, SultanE28099s Advisor.
  • Imam Vampire, a blood sorcerer.
  • Demonic Vulture, a flying monstrosity created from the vampireE28099s corruption.
  • SultanE28099s Concubines, three female vampires.
  • Ghoul Templars, two former holy warriors now succumbed into darkness.
  • Captured Princess, the damsel in distress.
  • The Prince, a brave hero that seeks to end the Vampire threat.
  • Amir, PrinceE28099s celestial companion & swordsman with a flying carpet!
  • Djinn, a being of great mystical power aligned with the PrinceE28099s quest.
  • Corpse Gatherer, an animated pile of corpses summoned from SultanE28099s dark rituals.
  • Imam Vampire, Bust Version!
  • Scenic Bases for all the Miniatures!
  • Paper Miniatures!
  • Battlemaps!
  • “The Cursed Sultan” D&D 5e Miniatures Lore & Stat Block .pdf!

E2809CVampire Sultan’s LairE2809D Modular Scenery Pieces

Explore the Vampire’s Lair & fight your way through the cursed blood traps using this releaseE28099s modular terrain & scenery pieces!

The terrain & scenery pieces included in this release are:

  • 3 levitated platforms with engraved floor
  • Stone Coffins.
  • Sultan’s Coffin.
  • Blood fountain.
  • Arched door and entrances.
  • Stone Passage.

~ Resin & FDM supported! ~

Imam Vampire, Bust Version

Detailed Bust version of the Imam Vampire as he unleashes his Blood Magic in an intricate display base!

July Bases Set!

Round scenery bases of various sizes (25 to 100mm) that fit this month’s theme!

Next month, equip yourself with Holy Water & Wooden Spikes as you will embark on a Quest to end the Vampire Sultan’s bloody reign!

What do you think for this upcoming release?

Have fun and happy printing everyone!
~ Crippled God Foundry Team ~

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