Grump Drake E28093 Tiny dragon, neutral

DefultNaem suggested a wonderful tiny dragon fitting into the palm of a hand. Needless to say, it was a pleasure to work on it. Together with Rye_Hardy we came up with stats and created the Grump Drake!

It is still unknown whether the grump drake isnE28098t able to fly because of its undersized wings or because it is simply too unwilling to actually give it a try. For this very reason, this human hand-sized critter is classified as a drake related to other peculiar dragon-like creatures such as the hermit or the nettle drake. Like all of his kin, the grump drake loves to establish tiny yet cozy lairs with a surprising preference of staying close to buzzing locations E28093 be it under the floor boards of a well-attended tavern, in a mastE28099s hole of a faring vessel or sometimes even on the inside of a commodious piece of baggage carried by an adventuring party.

REWARDS Critter Collector

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REWARDS Critter Caretaker

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REWARDS Critter Connoisseur

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REWARDS Critter Curator

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