WIP June Teaser! Gerlonus, Okamian Battle Mage

We love the design that Paul came up with for this Battle Mage! He has an almost dorky 80’s C2A0design, with the hat and robes. It really feels like classic fantasy at its finest. The dog people are much closer to classic fantasy than our other groupings (except maybe the YuanYang), and are inspired by Dobermans, Afghan Hounds, and Borzois.C2A0

Gerlonus – Okamian Battle Mage

The Battle Mages of the Order of Bellonides wield various elemental energies for the purposes of defending and upholding the honor of the Okamian Empire. Stereotypically hot-headed and quick to solve problems with violence, the battle mages are sent to the boundaries of the Empire to ward off intruders, as well as expand their territory. Gerlonus is a classic example, an average soldier eager to do his duty and serve the Empire.

Check it out!