An Ancient spirit emerge from the Forest

Hello everyone.

Early 2022, we had our first painting contest and our winner got a very special prize… He earn the right to help me design a mini that he’ll chose.

So Julien le Pipec wanted to do a big Rock mammoth, something brutal and elemental. So i did few researches and concepts in order to develop this idea , exploring all the Nature elemental or animal that could be cool. In the end we stopped on something quite far from his first ideas.

Lots of work later, i can finally reveal the sPIrit of PEC, an ancient guardian of the grove. This majestic creature is still in wip but expect him to be a nice addition to one of the upcoming release when he’ll be finished.

It was a pleasure to work with Julien and he was super pleased with the result. Hope you guys will too !

See you tomorrow for the least reveal for June.

Have a great day and keep creating.

Check it out!