Summary of all of May’s minis (44 total)

it occurred to me that my renders of this months minis have been a bit piecemeal and it may not be obvious to everyone whats included, so here’s a bunch of images to wrap it all up in one place in the last week of the month. C2A0

Next month will include some Imps, the Vanthampur manor staff (4 of them) plus a creepy altar. C2A0

We’ll also have another bunch of cultists (they’re just falling out of the woodwork here!!!), a barbed devil, a bearded devil, a male spy, an elderly female aristocrat, and Thavius Kreeg, the former high Overseer.

This will wrap up the Baldurs gate leg of Descent into Avernus before we move into Candlekeep and then Elturiel. C2A0

Hopefully you’ll all be enjoying the content enough even if you’re not currently running DIA, but I’d love to hear from you one way or another – there is a LOT more content to do on this campaign and I’d love to keep going if you guys are up for it!C2A0

Check it out!