TwinsE28099 Stairs

The E2809CGavren MesaE2809D is a small stone mesa about 50-60 feet above the surrounding badlands. ThereE28099s one narrow trail that leads up to it, but the more popular way up is the TwinsE28099 Stair E28093 a twisting cave where both entrances are bracketed by a pair of statues of some forgotten elven twins. The twin on the left has a stronger nose and the twin on the right is depicted as hiding a dagger behind their back.

There are another five statues deep within the cave that seem unrelated to the twins. Five kings with tall full-face helms with crowns atop them each depicted with a different sword. Each had a stone chest at its feet, but the chests have been destroyed, leaving only the base of the chest in each case.

The caves twist and turn over themselves in a few places, and the lower entrance has a E2809CbreachE2809D that drops some 20 feet to the cave below it. There are a number of side caves and sections that have been used for gatherings, campsites, and almost certainly weird sacrifices of some kind or anotherE280A6

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