One of the great mysteries that baffles arcanists and scientists alike, is the bizarre physiology of Wastewalkers. Bearing extremely specific adaptations, such as devouring the body heat of their prey and bearing long, spined tongues, these creatures have somehow separately evolved in completely unrelated, magically-devastated wastelands. Due to this convergent evolution despite existing on different continents and even separate planes, some scholars have begun to consider these creatures to be perfectly-evolved predators, while others theorize that theyE28099re the creation of a malevolent god or ancient being from the outer planes. Whether or not these claims are true, thereE28099s no doubt these creatures are exceedingly dangerous, stalking the plains alone or moving in roving packs in order to take down larger prey. The only thing that seems to stave off the ravenous creatures is exposing them to a little more heat than they bargained for, whether by fire magic, flaming arrows, or torches.

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