Abandoned Graveyard

A few days ago I saw a drawing where there was a looted tomb, so I thought it might be a good idea to draw a map of a graveyard where some graves had been opened.
This is the result, I hope you like it.

The strategic areas of this map are many: the rocky heights, in particular the one to the south that rises from the plain of the cemetery and is therefore fully usable; the small river that cuts the map; the forest to the north and the high vegetation to the south; and obviously the many tombs, closed and open.

As alternative versions, in addition to the now inevitable snowy version and one with summer colors, I have created maps where the various elements are present or absent: the fog, the trees, the river, the graves, etc …

Enjoy this map pack!


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Note: this post contains a free and public low-res map for not-patrons, check the link below


Check it out!