Deadleaf E28093 Tiny plant, chaotic good

I had the great pleasure to collaborate with Rye Hardy and present you this tiny symbiotic plant! He is working on his very own homebrews as well and plans to release them soon E28093 so be sure to stay tuned via his IG-page!

The deadleaf is a tiny sentient plant resembling a cephalopod made of wriggling vines and wildflowers. Despite the ominous name, the creature is quite harmless, with a calm trusting nature. The deadleaf seeks out hosts that it can affix itself to. Once it forms a bond, the plant will feed off the ambient magical energy its host radiates. In exchange, the deadleaf grants its host a measure of increased protection.

REWARDS Critter Collector

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REWARDS Critter Caretaker

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REWARDS Critter Connoisseur

Art | Token | Monster PageC2A0

REWARDS Critter Curator

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