“Hidden Places II” – Kickstarter of our friend


This campaign includes printable STL files.

Welcome to the second part of “Hidden Places” that the traveler and explorer Fjorn will show us.

No supports are required to print “Hidden Places”. All files are pre split for printing on smaller FDM printers such as an Ender 3 or a Prusa.

  • This campaign includes sets of scenery from 5 different locations;
  • To make the campaign more interesting – I added Stretch Goals;
  • There is also one Paid Addon – Orc Camp for 7 Euro (if more then 100 backers pick up that addon we will ad nice extencion; Invasion Machinery);
  • Many thanks to my colleagues – 3D creators: 3DHEXES for the bonus models;
  • Many thanks to my colleagues – 3D creators: Across The Realms for the bonus models;

FREE SAMPLE click on HERE to download:


Create your ideal tabletop gaming scenario using Hidden Places components.

Check it out!