Strife in the Skies, Part 2: The Skyscourge Pirates

It’s the blight of the eight skies, the Skyscourge Pirates! Troy’s got a team of aerial goblins for you this week complete with tokens and airships E28093 read more on our website:

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An aerial encounter with a goblin airship, its captain, and crew, with stat blocks.

The C2A0Vagrant NimbusE28099s journey, while direct, is not short. Days stretch on C2A0uneventfully, broken up by only conversations, card games, and C2A0occasional rough weather. That is until one overcast day, as the C2A0NimbusE28099s path takes it through perilous mountain peaks, when a C2A0crewmember calls out a shadow moving within nearby clouds. Carthis and C2A0his crew scramble to the main deck and take positions, waiting to see C2A0what appears and whether it threatens the Nimbus.

When C2A0the clouds do break, they reveal a crude but well-equipped airship, C2A0surrounded by small wyverns. The ship is manned by goblins, who also C2A0ride atop many of their dragons. It is moving in the direction of the C2A0Nimbus. Rallying cries ring out from its decks and ballistae are aimed C2A0over the railing. Their intentions are clear. Captain Carthis confirms C2A0this as his crew mans their own weapons and he looks to the party, his C2A0expression requesting their aid before announcing with a mighty roar, C2A0E2809CPirates!E2809D

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Please enjoy, and good luck to you and your players!
I hope they have a few Feather Falls handy…

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