The place between planes is known as the Zones of Convergence. Meddling with them is a dangerous affair!

Traveler! The fabric of space and time that divides the planes of existence is a field of study that baffles and confounds scholars of all kinds and races. From elvish astronomers to draconic stargazers. They dabble into forbidden knowledge that eludes understanding. An ancient covenant of elves built an underground research facility dedicated to the study of what they called Zones of Convergence. The places where the Material Plane becomes adjacent to the Shadow Realm and the Woodlands.

A renowned mage heard that a team of prospectors found an underground facility in an active excavation site. He offers a hefty bounty to sellswords and mercenaries to serve as bodyguards as he intends to set up shop at the facility to further his knowledge of the adjacent planes of existence. This adventure shall prove profitable for all parts because the valuables in the dungeon are well worth seeking. However, it is dangerous too.

This is a level 4 adventure with a bit of role-playing with a strange mage, dungeon-crawling in a research facility, and access to an ancient elvish device. Here’s a low-def preview of this illustration:

Here’s a close-up of the chamber of convergence. By adjusting the dials, people can use the magic circles to glimpse into the other realms, summon creatures from their world, or open a gate between realities.

The elves that worked here left in a hurry centuries ago to attend to a problem in the Woodlands. A never-ending war that keeps on re-surfacing. The characters encounter their research chambers left untouched. Some of the information here is critical to operating the Circles of Convergence.

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