Thunder Cliffs Map Pack!

Welcome to the Thunder Cliffs, a system of caves off a dangerous coastline where the waves wash many a ship to its doom upon its craggy shores.

This encounter map is from Storm Lord’s Wrath, though it could certainly be used for any homebrew encounter with bandits, pirates, or cultists.

The map features an illuminated coastline with rocks, seaweed and sea birds, along which lay the open mouths of several tunnels worming their way through the sandy rock. Other points of interest include:

1. Shipwrecked boat being stripped of its goods (or repaired).

2. A seaweed-filled cavern, host to something evil and hungry, accessible only through swimming beneath the murky depths of a small pool.

3. A crate-filled cavern, where goods have been stacked to sell or trade at the port of choice.

4. A steaming pool, private quarters and shrine to Talos.

5. A makeshift barracks with [8] bunks, table, small stove and assorted goods.

6. The cavern of another officer and their own stash of goods.

While the module map is closer to 40 x 26, I’ve dressed this to be gridded at 80 x 52 so that you have more space for exploration, encounters and the like. I find that opening these encounters up makes for a much more enjoyable session.

Tier rewards will be sent out shortly.

I hope you guys like it, and have some great adventures!

Check it out!