WIP June Teaser! Gerwalt, Okamian Special Forces

This sassy commandog was originally sketched by Paul, and I (Andrea) redesigned the clothing to be a bit more military-looking and less flowy. Although the end result is not as Arthurian as the other dogs, I think it still fits well with the culture of the dog people as expansionist, aggressive, and slightly warmongering.C2A0

We still have one more model coming, so keep your eyes peeled F09F9180

Gerwalt – Okamian Special Forces

The Okamian Special Forces contain the deadliest commandos, skilled in assassinations and other delicate and dangerous missions. Gerwalt is a soldier of the highest caliber, and her specialty is stealthy, close combat. Although she primarily fights with two long knives, she also has a selection of throwing knives, some of which are secreted about her uniform. Dry and stoic, Gerwalt is dogmatic and doesnE28099t question her orders.

Check it out!