Warlord Class v2.1.0 – Streamlined Update!

Hey all, after publicly releasing my 2.0.0 version of my Warlord class last week I got a ton of great feedback (and even a little bit of play-testing)! For the 2.1.0 update here, I’ve done my best to streamline things. The detailed changelog is below, but here are the big changes that summarize everything:

Academies of War. The newly renamed Warlord subclasses now come online at 1st level and also determine the ability score you’ll use as your Leadership ability: Intelligence (Schemes, Tactics), Wisdom (Ferocity), and Charisma (Chivalry, Skalds). Each Academy also has five Tactical Exploits you automatically learn – two 1st-degree at 2nd level, two 2nd-degree at 5th level, and one 3rd-degree at 9th level.

Your choice of Leadership ability (and the class features that went along with that choice) have all been rolled into various subclass features.

Exploits, Orders, and Order Range: To simplify the Exploit system, Orders are no longer a particular subtype of Exploit, and their unique rules have been rolled into each Order’s description. Order Range has been removed – all Exploits now have a 30-foot range until you hit 11th level where it becomes 60 feet.

Additional Exploits: I’ve also added a few new Exploits: lightstep, support order, wild charge, and daring rescue!

As always, let me know what you think!

Changelog v2.0.0 –> 2.1.0

Check it out!