Greybreaker Fortified Mine

Lead by Druthik Greybreaker, a team of dwarves built, worked, and eventually abandoned the Greybreaker Mine in the hills of Khalefteg to extract a small vein of silver and mithril. The high value of the mithril and the annoyance of the prince of Khalefteg required a certain amount of fortification to keep raiders, bandits, and the princeE28099s forces at bay as they worked the mine. The deposits proved smaller than expected and the mine was only run for a few years before the Greybreakers moved on to other claims.

Well beyond the walls of the fortifications are a number of tailings piles and a very nice gravel road down out of the hills to the river to ship out the recovered ore. The fortifications themselves are the minimum needed to keep raiders out E28093 not designed for a siege or serious military action. ThereE28099s no well within the walls (there used to be a sump in the mines that doubled as a greywater well, but it was filled and sealed before the dwarves moved on). The fortifications consist of three towers (two serving as a gatehouse) and a curtain wall, surrounding a small tailings pile, a few structures, and the entrance to the mine proper.

Today the fortifications are used by whoever finds them currently empty and moves in E28093 typically as temporary shelter for bandits, ranger camps, and most notably a squad of ogre mercenaries who would extract E2809Ctravel taxesE2809D from the nearby river travellers.

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