WIP June Teaser! Berengar, Okamian Shock Knight

Our show piece for the month has arrived! This one was tag-team sculpted by Erin and Calrais, with Calrais filling in the details of the armor and cloth and setting up the rock textures.C2A0

We loved the idea of dog-people having attack monkeys, a kind of reversed reflection of our own world.C2A0

Berengar – Okamian Shock Knight

The Order of the Atrox Simia are a group of elite warriors who train and command attack-primates. Extremely disruptive to enemy lines, the primates fight alongside their knights and can recall and carry out complex orders and formations. One Shock Knight can command several primates while also fighting with sword and shield, making Berengar quite a force to be reckoned with even in the chaos of a battle.

Check it out!