Update: June 2022

May saw the conclusion of the Tsolenka Pass guides and modules. LudmillaE28099s Lair, the Guard Tower at the Gates of Tsolenka, and all the environmental hazards, risks, and encounters in Tsolenka Pass, including the Roc Nest and Avalanche mini-game. We also saw the update to the book Battle at the Gates of Tsolenka, which includes the Shield Maiden Oath (which is the password to open the gates), and LudmillaE28099s journal, which includes some juicy info about Strahd. Depending on how you decide to run Ludmilla and the Tsolenka Gate Guard Tower, one could change the entire course of the campaign.

Getting to the Amber Temple has never been more epic.

A quick review of the 4 Tsolenka Pass Guides (10 battle maps).

It begins with the Ascent to Tsolenka and entering the snowy region of Barovia, rescuing Bogda and returning him to the Ruins of BC3A2rgC483u. Meeting Elder Balan and seeking guidance from the Fey spirits in the old temple. Heading towards the gates, one runs into the Undead Cave Bear and at the Gates of Tsolenka the green fire and the Shield Maiden Statues block the way. At the Guard Tower things get interesting, we find Emil (werewolf) a prisoner of Ludmilla, who plans on becoming the Queen of Barovia. Crossing the Bridge at Tsolenka Pass the Roc swoops in and captures a player to feed to the hatchling, requiring the players to scale the mountain to the Roc Nest. The High Pass begins the encounter with the giant-goat-beast Sangzor, which could create an Avalanche (mini-game), all before even getting to the Amber Temple.

June Releases

  • Legend of Barovia Atlas E28093 I plan on releasing a Barovia map with the village maps and guide to all of Barovia as both a PDF and a Module this month. It will be complete with references to everything I have created so far E28093 including location guides, fortunes of Ravenloft, random encounters, travel times, and more. I am extremely excited about this because it brings context to the locations and helps the DM plan the sessions and provides maps and information to the players. This is a living guide, meaning as I add more content and updates, it will be updated as well.
  • Berez E28093 I have been waiting to dive into Berez for two reasons, first I have been working with DM Andy to add additional content and second, I wanted to update/upgrade the hex crawl. This is a vast area with many locations2E I will begin releasing guides to this area this month.

Future Releases

When Berez is complete, the next main location is Argynvostholt. DM Andy is working on the maps which should be completed for me to begin soon. That leaves only one core location left, the big one, Ravenloft.

I suspect Ravenloft to be more than one guide and still trying to determine the best way to design it and will collaborate with DM Andy on this project.

Once the main core locations are complete, I will be working on expanded content. There are a few locations I am excited about such as Mad Mage and the von Hapsburg Estate. I see the Curse of Strahd project as an ever-expanding and improving project as time moves forward.

Interactive Tome of Strahd

As you may know, DM Andy is working on these maps and once, they are completed, I will begin working on the module/guide for them. They will require owning the content and I will collaborate with Aciduous (author) to create the best experience possible.C2A0

Updates / Upgrades

I will continue to update/upgrade previous PDF guides and modules. Currently updating to Foundry V9, however, when V10 is released, I will be looking to add new features and elements for V10. Updates will be announced.C2A0

Gothic 5e

I have been working on Gothic 5e, a 5e SRD/OGL theme-based rule set for Gothic Horror and Curse of Strahd. Foundry D&D v1.6 was recently released, with much-needed features for me to continue to develop the system. I expect to begin beta-testing and play-testing next month and will invite Patreon members to help. There is still much work to do, but the core system is 80% completed.

Thank You Patreon Supporters

We continue to see growth, which allows me to dedicate more time to the project. I am excited and amazed by all the support and help I continue to receive. This would not happen without your help, and I am so thankful and appreciative that the project is being enjoyed by so many. Please come by the Discord channel and say hello and share your campaign stories, which I enjoy reading about.

Special Thanks

DM Andy E28093 his amazing battle maps, ideas, and collaboration have made this journey possible.

Blair E28093 his Scene Packer module, support, and guidance has made the Foundry Modules become a reality.

James RPG Art E28093 his theater-of-the-mind maps bring Barovia to life.C2A0

Sincerely, Pyram King

Notes: Pictures are from my visit to Alhambra, an amazing castle and fortification in the south of Spain (Granada). Very inspirational and if you have the opportunity, I highly recommend visiting.

Check it out!