20Who dares cross the Death’s Pass

Traveler! The people in the Stone Hill Region have always had difficult lives due to the natural hazards of their rocky environment. But one day, the authorities of the territory finished the construction of a large stone bridge that connects the two sides of a canyon. This bridge changed the lives of many people but it only lasted a few years. This area had the misfortune of being the target of a battle gone too far. A powerful giant fighting to the death with a foul demon entered the Material Plane and ended their confrontation there.

The giant warrior sacrificed himself to banish the demon, thus impeding it from bringing havoc and chaos to the world. However, their battle-scarred the land and everything around. The bridge was mostly destroyed and all life in its surroundings died. The place was transformed into unhallow land of evil. Monsters spawn from nothing, illusions play with the minds of mortals who dare come… Only the bravest dare cross the Death’s Pass…

This is a level 8 adventure with a bit of role-playing, traversing a cursed bridge, and the opportunity to cleanse the land from a bygone spell. Here’s a low-def preview of this illustration:

Here are some close shots of this awesome isometric location. The convoluted cave system was originally inhabited by goblins but Garug, the half-orc, now commands all of the mixed-race individuals there.

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