20591 Hall of Sphinxes

Traveler! In this adventure, the characters visit a strange location near a large forest where a group of mining prospectors got lost and were attacked by undead abominations. The local authorities now offer a hefty reward for clearing the place from those dangerous threats as they pose a terrible danger to the forest and other nearby communities.

The characters shall encounter an interesting surprise in the dungeon when they come across a group of three sphinxes. The strange creatures pass the time saying riddles to one another but their real purpose is to assess their worthiness to be granted a wish. Should the characters pass the combat prowess test or guess all the riddles, they are granted a powerful wish by the leader androsphinx.

This is a level 8 dungeon crawl with the exploration of uncharted places, dangerous encounters with undead guardians, and a riddle game with three bored sphinxes. Here’s a low-def preview of this illustration:

Here’s a close-up of the north section of the dungeon that has collapsed after eons and became connected to a cavern network. One of the sphinxes in the easternmost room awaits the characters with a riddle.

Before the sphinxes’ chamber, there is a room where those who poorly worded their wishes have now become eternal undead guardians. Their existence is meant to prove the physical prowess of supplicants.

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