I’m back with a ship! This is the Tartane. They were popular in the Mediterranean and used in the Caribbean as small trading and fishing ships. They make GREAT low level pirate ships. I’ve included versions with and without guns, and some variations and assets like the “skulls on spike on a sea of blood“. Classic Limithron.

Scroll down to see the 5e Naval Combat Cards. I plan to make battle maps for all of the ships in Pirate Borg, so you’ll definitely see more ships over the next few months!

Per request, I’ve included 5 new seamless backgrounds that you can with Parallaxia or just as water mats ($5+ Patrons).

If you haven’t hear, my new podcast, Limithron’s Ship of the Dead, debuts very soon. Follow that link to hear the trailer. We’ve added a new Patreon tier so listeners who want to support us but don’t need maps (like your players?) can sign up and get early access to episodes and the Discord at a reduced price ($2).

Happy sailing!

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