Who dares pay a visit to the Kings of Yore? – Level 10 Adventure

Traveler! In this adventure, the renowned characters’ help is requested by the regional authorities. Strange undead abominations haunt nearby settlements but Crimsonwall has taken the worst of it. They all appear to emerge from a bygone tomb where the locals say that long-gone rulers were once buried. Some old people still remember yearly pilgrimages to the tomb where the elders paid respect to the old kings. But no one has bothered to do that for at least three decades.

The characters encounter the long-dead kings in the tomb. They crave the attention that living folks gave them in their yearly pilgrimage and endure a penance of regret at their failed rulerships in life. Now, the respect and remembrance of those living is the only thing that remains for them. The characters can help the dead kings recover their state of respect among the people’s in the region, or betray their wishes and banish them from the mortal world. A quandary only the characters can solve.

This is a level 10 dungeon crawl with the exploration of an ancient tomb, an encounter with nine kings from a bygone era, and the opportunity to save the region from a terrible threat. Here’s a low-def preview of this illustration:

Here’s a close-up of the tomb’s antechamber and adjoining offices. Undead guardians await those brave enough to delve into the underground compound.

The ninth king’s statue and the lavish vault behind it are protected by a wall of force. The only way to access it is for the character to hear the long-gone kings’ pleads for help. Will they aid the kings beyond the veil?

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