20Yeti Lair (24×36)

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Hey everyone! Let me present to you the Yeti Lair, the fourth and final map for the Arctic theme.

The northern wastes are full of terrible creatures and monsters. They make their lairs in abandoned caverns, from which they dominate the nearby area. One of the most feared creatures in Knurden are the Yeti’s. Tall creatures that can rip a human apart like a piece of parchment. Coming across once of these monsters is guaranteed to be bad luck.

This particular lair is the home of Old Thredric, a legendary Yeti that has terrorized the deep Forbidden Wastes of Knurden. Numerous adventurers have set out to kill this creature, never to return. It is impossible to tell what fate befell them, but it is agreed that it can not be good.C2A0

Released under CC BY-NC 4.0 license.

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