UnderDark Caves & Dungeons – July 22

Every good adventurer knows that the UnderDark is a dangerous place, filled with twisting caves, traps and pitfalls, deadly dungeons, massive caverns that house ominous structures. The creatures that lurk in the darkness are more akin to monsters, savage, brutal and unforgiving. So why would any surface dweller risk their lives in such a horrid setting, why for the riches and glory of course. After all, you never know what you will find in the UnderDark, or what will find you.

The UnderDark Caves and Dungeons is a generic themed map set inspired directly by my favorite RPG: Dungeons and Dragons. The pack consists of seven maps: UnderDark Entrance [3000x4000px / 100px grid], UnderDark OutPost [4000x3000px / 100px grid], UnderDark Settlement C2A0[3000x4000px / 100px grid], UnderDark Chasm C2A0[4000x3000px / 100px grid], UnderDark Caves [3000x4000px / 100px grid], UnderDark Spider [4000x3000px / 100px grid] and the UnderDark Boss Map [3000x6000px / 100px grid]. There are violet alternates and two types of blank alternates of each map. Also available are the three DM Maps, along with a pre-lit individual Foundry VTT maps and a full Foundry World file. All of the maps are rendered in 4K HD with optional grid overlay. Examples of all the maps at each tier can be seen below.

Hero Tier

Champion Tier

Master Tier

Legend Tier

These maps were made using unique assets from Critical Concepts. Without these amazing art pieces, I could not have achieved this custom look. Be sure to check out Critical Concepts to get your own original doors, walls, room dressings and more!C2A0 https://www.patreon.com/CriticalConcepts

Thank you to everyone that visits my site. I hope that you find something useful for your game. I want to make all my maps available to everyone. I’ll post a free map from this set every week for this month. Long Live D&D!

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