August Grab Bag | Freebies!

Hey all! We’ve got a bunch of little things to share with you today, so we’re including everything in a free little grab bag of content. We’ll have more Gruuk Jit’Jit for you in a few days. Enjoy your weekend!

Borough Bound Website

I know, I know. It’s a long time coming. Well, we’ve finally got a proper website up and running! It’s a surprisingly easy way to double check what’s in each of our boroughs, who’s on our team, and what’s contained in the various reward tiers. Also: we invite feedack! What do you want to see from our website? Previews from the maps? Links to side projects? Selfies from the team? (Note: we will not be showing off selfies from the team).

New Playable Race: The Ruun

Rember way back in April when we released our day-trip borough Belciennes? Well collaborator Griff has been plugging away on more Laterreprosp/Amphibios content in the meantime. He just finished up a playable race for D&D 5e: the ruun! With 3 subclasses and a heap of new froggy lore, there’s a lot for all y’all toad-heads to dig into. Grab the PDF here! And make sure to support Griff! He is our FRIEND and he makes VERY GOOD CONTENT2EC2A0

Spotify Playlists

I should hope that you know by now that we’ve got a whole bunch of music up on streaming services. What you might not know is that Will has created 21 expertly curated Spotify playlists to help you score all of your RPG adventures. If you’re looking for a convenient means of tabletop DJing, you should definitely consider checking these out. Just throw each playlist on shuffle and switch them up when the scene demands it. They’re filled to the brim with Borough Bound’s music, as well as that of our awesome peers. His new underwater playlist might come in particularly handy as you score your Muc-Mhara adventures.

Hyperdrive Fleet

Did you know that BB creators Cze, Peku, and Matt have also launched a new Patreon? If you need sci-fi maps for games like games like Starfinder, Dark Matter, Stillfleet, Traveller, Star Wars RPG, or Mothership, you gotta check out Hyperdrive Fleet. Their maps are incredible, especially if you need a wide array of clever spaceship designs for your campaigns.

Vineyard Map by Fantasy Atlas

Speaking of Matt, he’s blessed you all today with this gorgeous free map from his Patreon. This beautiful vineyard is perfect for adventures in outer Crabwell, one-shot mysteries, or epic duels against rural vampires. You can grab the standard day and night versions via this link, or you can get all of the stunning variants over at his Patreon.


As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out in the comments, our DMs, or the Discord! We’ve got a lot more Gruuk Jit’Jit coming your way real soon. Thanks, all!

Check it out!