FREE MAP – Bronze Age Hex map 00BCE

“Egypt, Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley Civilisation! Early bronze age cultures… Who will win? FIGHT! …okay, well not the Indus Valley, those peace loving fools. Surprising the lasted so long without developing major warfare”

(don’t quote me on this bit of history lol. But if true, I do like the idea that the Indus Valley Civilisation lasted over 500 years relying on cooperation and trade. Surely we can learn something from them E29DA4)

Attached below is 1 of 17 variations I made for this map (at 1000x1000px)

All of my patrons (from E282AC2.50/mth) are getting 2 variations at 4K resolution hereC2A0

Adventurer tier (E282AC8/mth) and above are getting all 17 variations at glorious 10K in the Great Library (link below)

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Adventurers, Heroes and Champions get the 17 variations in 10k, 4K, colour, B&W, and with borders from 2000BCE-1000BCE in the Great Library.

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