BloodwizerE284A2 Blimp, DRAGONBOWL (Public)

Hello everyone!

We just completed the updated version of the BloodwizerE284A2 Blimp from the amazing adventure, DRAGONBOWL. In case you missed it, I made an entire post about the adventure and why I absolutely love it.

The original printing of Dragonbowl included a map of the BloodwizerE284A2 Blimp by one of my favorite creators, Xploring Maps. It’s a crisp, clear, and creative map that’s absolutely perfect for some cool heists!

We decided to step things up a notch by fleshing out the map with plenty of details and vibrant color.

Original (by Xploring Maps):

Our version:

Patrons get the complete blimp map, as well as individual level maps in 180dpi. These include:

F09FA582 The main deck, complete with VIP buffet

F09F9281F09F8FBC The reception deck

E299A8EFB88F VIP suites

F09F94A7 The ship keel

E29A99EFB88F The engine rooms and barracks

F09F92B0 The owner’s quarters (and accompanying locked safe!)

F09F9089 The skydeck, where nefarious meetings take place.

Comment below if you’re planning to run Dragonbowl before or, if not, how you might use the BloodwizerE284A2 Blimp in your own campaign.


– Peter