Gruuk Jit’Jit 05 – Elemental Unshackled

Welcome back to Gruuk Jit’Jit, everybody! At long last, we arrive at the core of the flying island, where the selshanor fuel elemental Piiralus creates the thrust that keeps the city afloat. This release should elucidate many of the greater mysteries of the city, so let’s just dive in!

Borough Guide

Finally we get a close look at Piiralus, or as the Stoker sect calls her: “Jub.” The fuel elemental keeps the city in the sky, and her devoted worshipers do everything possible to keep her happy. We’ve got a detailed faction dossier that describes the Stokers, the trio of goblins that lead the sect, and some notes about how Piiralus might impact adventures in Gruuk Jit’Jit.C2A0


We always knew this map would be the focal point of the whole city. The obvious highlight here is the swirling vortex thatE28094weirdly!E28094is Piiralus. That’s her just spinning in a great conflagration, generating lift that keeps the town aloft. The blast from the initial explosion is still visible in the scars across the land. We’ve got a bunch of variants this time around, including a super fun portal version for your transdimensional adventures.

Matt made a stellar interior for this release: a mixture of places to worship and places to just hang out in the tunnels astride the fiery core. Patrons at the Chief Courier tier will definitely have fun vibing with some goblin cultists just a few meters away from a constant explosive fire.


Look, I’m just really happy with this one. I wanted to make a track that captured the majesty and the uncertainty C2A0of Piiralus, and I think I did it! “Elemental Core” is perfect for the mysterious / beautiful quality of the godlike entity at Gruuk Jit’Jit’s center. We’ve also got a “mechanical” variant for when player are more interested in the engineering than the quasi-divinity.

ALSO: I’ve got a bonus track for you that you can grab right here! And the looping one here! It’s free for everyone, so just grab it! And I’m totally not just including it here because this release would have been slightly bigger than the upload limit otherwise! I’m getting married in like, a couple hours, so cut me some slack! This track is good! It’s a variant of an old Music d20 track! I quite like it! Thanks, y’all!