Hastrian Vale

This secluded vale is famed for the five ruins that can be found buried into the hillsides here.

This is a 60×40 battle map with or without a 1″ grid at 140 DPI.

The VTT files are attached to this post, or you can use this link to get the gridC2A0map or this link for grid free.

Patrons have access to maps for each dungeon in the Vale

Patrons have access to each of the dungeon maps that lead off from this map, as well as over 400 unique maps (at time of posting) already released on this Patreon. This includes versions at print (300DPI) quality.

There dungeon can be found in the previous 5 posts, click here C2A0to list them.

If you’re not a Patron then the Print quality links won’t work, however you can always check out my free maps to have a better look at a wider sample of what’s on offer

I have a selection of maps freely available andC2A0this post has links to all of the free content for this Patreon head over and take a look.

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