Gruuk Jit’Jit 05.5 – The Co.

Hey all, and welcome back to Gruuk Jit’Jit! Today, we’ve got some free bonus content for you in collaboration with our buddy Wythe Marschall, creator of the incredible new RPG Stillfleet.

Before we say anything else, please take a second to check out Stillfleet on Kickstarter. They’re currently crowdfunding the release of their core rulebook, and every dollar counts! Stillfleet is an innovative and flexible RPG system with bonkers lore that is totally in line with Borough Bound’s worldbuilding ethos. If you’re looking for a perfect ruleset to use while GMing our cities, you gotta give Stillfleet a look.

Okay, let’s dive in!

Borough Guide

This borough guide introduces you to the Worshipful Company of Stillfleeters, AKA the Co. This additional faction can add one hell of a sci-fi wrinkle into your Gruuk Jit’Jit adventures. You can either GM an adventure in which your party works for the Co., or one in which they work against the Co.’s interests in the city. Either way, there are wacky new NPCs and bizarre new plot hooks for you to throw into any Gruuk Jit’Jit adventure. This content is totally optional, so if you’d rather keep the goblin city free from interstellar entities, that’s totally fine too!

This PDF features art from Stillfleet artists Ethan Gould and Masami F. Kiyono.


We’ve got a brand new sci-fi banger for you this week. E2809CRefactor OrdersE2809D is the confluence of those goofy goblin rhythms with some stranger electronic vibes, perfect for Gruuk Jit’Jit x Stillfleet adventures. Throw it on while your party uncovers mysterious plots from beyond the stars or stakes out rival voidminers on the island.

Here’s something cool: this track will be on the upcoming Stillfleet Original Soundtrack this Friday. You’ll be able to amplify your games with 11 new RPG tunes from BB creator Will, as well as composers Sam Tyndall, XeroPulse, Joo-Young Kim, and James Brasswood.

Stillfleet Quickstart

Wythe was nice enough to make the quickstart guide for Stillfleet totally free. This primer gives you every detail you need to start running Stillfleet campaigns right out of the box. Learn the rules, discover the classes and alien races, and roll on all sorts of sci-fi tables to generate quick plot hooks. Plus, if you like this, you can always go back the Kickstarter to get the full core rulebook ASAP!

If you want to chat more Stillfleet, why not join the Discord? Our resident Stillfleet nerd Will is quite active over there, and you’ll easily be able to find other folks to play a sesh or two with!

Check it out!