Who can follow the trail of Blood on the Sand


Traveler! Many things have changed after the war. People have led peaceful lives for a few months, but the consequences and the aftermath of the war are something they must deal with too. In this case, it is the job of the people of the White Sands Coast to find a solution to their current problem. They wish to re-open Pino-Thepa their small tourist town by the beach. But apparently, some monster has been attacking anyone who approaches.

The authorities have already lost some men to this unknown threat. The heroes are hired to investigate and eliminate all enemies. They must ensure the beach is safe. All people including the heroes ignore that a new kind of hook horror is behind the murders. Is there something that can be done with this monster? or is violence the only means to solve this?C2A0

This is a level 5 encounter adventure about freeing a recovering community from the attacks of natural predators, exploration of a strange cave on the beach, and an encounter with a new breed of more intelligent hook horrors! Here’s a low-def preview of this illustration:

Here’s a close-up of the beach. What appear to be boulders on the shore is actually a pack of giant crabs waiting for an easy meal!

Within the caverns, the hook horrors’s detritus is a spectacle of death and decay. Many innocent folks found their untimely demise here!

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