A Beast Rider approaches E28093 Crosspromotion with One Page Rules!

Greetings Heroes & Heroines!

The evil and corruption, when condensed in a small area can have some strange effects live opening portals in other worlds.
Form a such opening in time and space, a Beast Rider came forth!

Our friends from One Page Rules would like to offer you a Beast Rider miniature!

Presupported files as well as a number of weapon options are included!

How to Download the Miniature*:

The miniature files are at the “Promotions” folder in the SYNC Drive.
For the Download link & Password: F09F9189 Visit the pinned post

*Note: The Adventurer Tier patrons will receive a message with the link.

Few words about One Page Rules


We’re here to make the most breathtaking miniatures and most accessible tabletop games in the world. With the help of our supporters, our team of professional sculptors and artists creates hundreds of miniatures every year.

When you subscribe to our Patreon, you are helping us deliver tons of high quality miniatures for only $10/month.


Starting on the 4th of each month, you’ll receive:

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The Monthly Release, which includes each month’s miniature rewards. Every month you’ll receive lots of highly detailed and beautifully sculpted models, as well as some extras. We also include highly detailed terrain, bases, and even some cross-promo models from other Patreons (download these ASAP, because they’re removed at the end of the month).



After 3 months of subscribing, you’ll start receiving huge loyalty reward models. We want to say thanks for your continued support. It means producing epic models, just like these. (click here for more info)

Have a great time and happy printing!
~ Crippled God Foundry Team ~

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