Becoming a ghost upon death is already a grim fate, but when a creature dies the horrific death of immolation, the resulting spirit can suffer a fate worse than death. Trapped at the very moment of their death, a pyrogeist is a spirit that permanently suffers unimaginable pain. No matter a pyrogeistE28099s identity in life, its mind is quickly worn away by the constant agony, rendering it a mindless, destructive force of nature. Unlike most ghosts, which can fall anywhere on the spectrum or morality, and go about ending their unfinished business in a variety of ways, pyrogeists have no interest in any unfinished business, nor subtlety or reason. A pyrogeist seeks only to spread its agony far and wide, burning anything it can find to the ground. However, a pyrogeistE28099s original psychology is still intact beneath the surface, meaning if the ghostE28099s pain were to magically be numbed, it would suddenly revert to its past self, possibly even giving intrepid adventurers advice on how to guide it towards passing on to the afterlife.

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