Trial of Compassion E28094 New 5E Encounter

Looking for an imposing angelic figure to guard a gate, mausoleum, or sacred site? Domeriel is right for you! This CR 7 celestial monster provides a challenge to Tier 2 characters and has an uncanny habit of turning the party’s talents against them.

See above for the free stat block for a standard Domeriel and enjoy!

Interested in stronger variants of Domeriel, magic items, or non-combat options for this monster? Check out the full encounter!

Get the full encounter!

Hero Tier patrons or higher have access to the full encounter! Get a short series of moral dilemmas and riddles that test the righteousness and compassion of your heroes, as well as different CR Domeriel variants for higher- or lower-level characters to allow for easier scaling of the encounter.

This Encounter Includes:

  • Domeriel (CR 7) statblock
  • Lesser Domeriel (CR 4) statblock
  • Greater Domeriel (CR 11) statblock
  • Domeriel Token
  • Domeriel’s Dust magic item + item card
  • Valor’s Crest magic item + item card

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