Dune Dragon

Though Blue Dragons often occupy desert lairs, their most frequent competitor in terms of territory are dune dragons, a breed of lesser dragon characterized by their sand-colored scales and penchant for ambush tactics. Though smaller and less intelligent than true dragons, dune dragons are formidable hunters, and are quite capable of taking down smaller dragons and other desert dwelling monstrosities if they stray too close to their burrows. Like certain insects, dune dragons hunt by expertly covering themselves in sand, taking the appearance of a large sand dune, with only their pebble-like eyes and slitted nostrils protruding from the sand. As soon as a creature large enough to feed the dragon, or a creature it sees as a threat, passes close enough, it bursts from the sand, disorienting its prey as it sinks its massive fangs and jagged molars into its flesh. If the dragonE28099s prey persists, it inhales a massive amount of sand before spewing it out at the prey and its allies in an attempt to blind them, before brutally mauling its prize. If a dune dragon realizes its bitten off more than it can chew, it flies on its relatively weak wings to a nearby dune, and wastes no time burrowing beneath the sand.

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