Galtan Hoplites

Welcome to September!

Here’s the first post to kick off the new month’s gnomish theme: a bunch of harpoon-wielding footsoldiers of the ruthless House Galta. Formerly guards in the gnomish city of Hollowspire, these well-trained legionaries followed their Galtan masters to commit themselves to piracy in the airship lanes of the Void Eternal.

The set has four different poses, each with six variant heads, and should give you a good start on the House of the Star-Squid faction (which is also coming in Pocket-Tactics form later this month). All of the models are optimized for resin printing and will require support (except the six marked as “Standing,” which will print FDM support free if you want). Those are in the Miniatures and Terrain reward folder now for patrons at $5+.

Reminder- for those of you who just signed up to a level with reward folder access this last month (or upgraded from a lower pledge level), the goods will still be there in the Miniatures and Terrain and Games folders when the new reward links go out in about a week. New pledges as of this month will get access about a week into October. For those at lower pledge levels, they’ll be available on our storefront (and eligible for the usual patron discount) in the near future.

More gnomishness happening in the near future, so keep posted. Meanwhile you can check out some of my terrible concept sketches of things that may yet be.

– DutchmogulC2A0

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