Stormguard 74×64 – Building Map

Well hello you wonderful bunch of human persons!

Happy release day and it is quite the release I have for you today. Continuing our theme of Pirates and High Seas, I present to you today, Stormguard.

A partially ruined fortification, built by some long fallen kingdom, it now serves to guard the entrance to a major river, or perhaps a protected bay.

Occupied by brigands and pirates, Stormguard allows none but the smallest ships to pass beneath its ramshackle bridge. Brimming with weapons and bloodthirsty criminals this dungeon map promises to offer all sorts of challenges for your party!

This map started life as a request for a pirate fortress on our discord server. While planning Stormguard I wanted to make sure it was enough of a departure from Black Shark Bay but still hitting the brief. I hope youE28099ll agree that I did that :D.

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Released under a CC BY-NC 4.0 license


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