Farmhouse – September 22

A large farmstead found miles outside the city has stood here for generations. At first sight, it is a picturesque tranquil country scene. The corn fields sprawling across the horizon sway in the breeze, the sounds of animals and birds create a subtle background melody. The front porch of the farmhouse is inviting, offering shade and a place to take in the views. The lazy road surrounding the property seems well worn but rarely is there a wagon on route. Everything about the farm seems well and fine, perfect, almost too perfect…

The Hag’s Haven Farmhouse is a dual set Farmhouse themed map pack. The original version features a large country farmhouse layout with two floors, a cellar, and corresponding corn fields. The alternate version is a dilapidated farm with rotting floorboards, crumbling walls, and the remnants of horror scenes. There is a short write-up with room descriptions, some adventure seeds and DM suggestions. You can get the maps pre-lit and ready to play on Foundry with everything integrated. Or, you can download the DM maps and PDF map key to use anywhere. There is also a set of versatile Blanks; These maps do not have any room dressings, so they are ready to be custom decorated to fit your homebrew scenario. Examples of all the maps can be found below.

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Thank you to everyone that visits my site. I hope that you find something useful for your game. I want to make all my maps available to everyone. I’ll post a free map from this set every week for this month. Long Live D&D!

These maps were made using unique assets from Critical Concepts. Without these amazing art pieces, I could not have achieved this custom look. Be sure to check out Critical Concepts to get your own original doors, walls, room dressings and more!C2A0

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