The Town of Iliseya

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Hey everyone! Let me present to you the Town of Iliseya, the first map for the Mountain theme.

Iliseya is a mining town that has long passed its glory days. Once a well regarded settlement, its mines’ production has dropped steadily over the past generations and more and more people are leaving their homes to settle somewhere else.

The town of Iliseya is located in the foothills of the Domart Mountains and is part of the Kingdom of Elmara, though its history goes back way beyond that of the kingdom. Iliseya was originally a modest mining outpost of the small kingdom of Felisia. The mines proved to be more and more profitable to the kingdom and the village grew into a small town. At one point it was even surrounded by stone walls. When the Kingdom of Felisia fell the town was abandoned.C2A0

Since then it has been part of a number of kingdoms, until eventually the lands were united under the province, and later the independent Kingdom of Elmara. under the rule of the Elmaran king the abandoned village was repopulated. What remained of the walls was torn down and used to restore the old homes. The mines were reopened and soon the village was flourishing again.C2A0

Centuries later the mines have been exhausted. Where they once produced carts full of precious stones and gold and more, they now offer hardly enough to justify the town that has grown around it. Some people still belief that the mines have exploitable veins left, but others have started leaving the town.

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