Forest River B

** A formidable river cuts through a peaceful lush forest. Choose wisely where to cross and always watch your footing! Single misstep can lead to the unpredictable depths and whatever horrors they hold… **

A 40×32 Encounter map, Forest River B! This map is an extension of Forest River A, they can be combined together to create a huge 40×64 map. But it of course works perfectly well on it’s own.

The relentless river continues its course, creating a smaller waterfall, but still powerful and loud. The left and right banks are not connected to each other, so you have to cross at your own peril and risk. However, in the lower part of the mouth, the river spills wider and the water speed decreases enough that you can risk crossing to the other side.C2A0

We have created a small cozy house on the left bank of the river, which can be added with a tile. It is up to you to decide if it houses a friendly face or someone who would rather not be disturbed.

The hut is made in such a way that it is not tied specifically to this map, you can place it on any other map if there is enough space for it.

There is also an alternate version of this map with a dry river bed, which means you can build a giant map from alternate versions as well.

Overlay Tiles preview: