A Warrior’s Soul E28094 New Encounter for 5E

The death of a player character is already fraught with drama and tension, but if you want a way to offer your players a chance to defend their fallen friends (without having to go through the process of paying for a Ressurection) try tossing a Valkyrie Spirit Guide into the mix!

Valkyries are proud celestial warriors favored by gods of war, valor, and honor. They often appear as beautiful female humanoids and ride into battle on horseback as they act as the piercing spearhead of celestial armies when clashing with hordes of vicious fiends.

Spiritual Guides. Valkyries are tasked by some deities with collecting the souls of warriors who fall in battle. As such, valkyrie spirit guides are sometimes seen on the great battlefields of the Material Plane where they guide the souls of fallen warriors to their deityE28099s eternal halls in the spiritual realms.

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Interested in the Valkyrie Heroine or the Valkyrie’s Warhorse? Want the encounter guide for how to structure your characters meeting these fearsome feminine foes? Patreon members of the Hero level or higher automatically have access to the full encounter, including:

  • Valkyrie Spirit Guide(CR 6) statblock
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  • Valkyrie Heroine Token
  • Valkyrie’s Horse Token
  • Valkyrie’s Horn magic item + item card

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