Kestrel Class Frigate

Back in July I announced a renewal of our partnership with the good folks of Arcane Minis through the Cuthari Conchel Cruiser airship; we are back today with the latest addition to the fleet: the Kestrel Class Frigate!

A uniquely tall vessel, the Kestrel flies almost standing up, supported by the propulsion of three different levels of engines. Scores of ladders and trapdoors allow vertical access amongst the various parts of the ship and its weaponry. If you’re interested in seeing more about this ship, the world-building the Arcane Minis team has done around it, and even full-on adventures utilizing these ships please visit their page on the Mini Factory website where they utilize a patreon-esque subscription model.

What’s Included for Download:

  • PNG files of each distinct level of the Kestrel
  • Encounter-scale breakdowns of the ship’s layout all arranged within the same image for easier immediate handling in-game
  • VTT-Compressed versions of all files for easier handling online
  • Gridded and non-gridded versions of all of the above
  • A labeled, high res version of the ship’s areas (as previewed)

Kestrel Frigate ZIP Download C2A0

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Kestrel Frigate Interiors PSD Download ($3+)C2A0

Kestrel Frigate Rooftops PSD Download ($3+)C2A0

Check it out!