Free Foundry VTT map modules with walls, lights, and ambiance

Hi everyone!

Wanted to share a quick post with those of you who use Foundry, but are not signed up to my Foundry VTT tier. This will give you a bit of a taste for what my Foundry map packs look like! The manifests for these are below!

And don’t forget that you could use Scene Phaser with these maps, which was developed specifically for phased maps in Foundry!

FREE Scene Phaser Manifest URL:

My Platinum Patrons also gain access to the Premium Scene Phaser, which has features such as “preload all phases”, and “jump to a random phase” and can be found here.

Free Map Pack Modules:

Dark Portal Phased Battle Map

Manifest URL:

Ritual Temple Exterior Phased Battle Map

Manifest URL:

Secret Docks Phased Battle Map

Manifest URL:

Check it out!