In the Tree of Lost Dreams, a group of level-7 adventurers comes to a place that sages and historians have studied for millenia. The realm of dreams and its secrets have eluded their research, though. There are so many things that mortals do not understand yet. The Tree of Lost Dreams, however, has all the answers. A Court of Oneiromancers, also called ancient sages, or oracles, live an eternal sleep in the tree. This allows the tree to project any reality of any past dreams to its visitors. The Tree o

Traveler! In the Urn of Darkness, a group of level-4 adventurers learns of a strange phenomenon near Gali Forest. The people from Galifar Town do not have any men to spare to send and investigate. But a strange mist is causing most of nature to wither and die. The authorities offer good money to brave mercenaries taking the job.

The heroes ignore that the Urn of Darkness is responsible. After being lost for decades, it has finally found a way to manipulate the fabrics of the Material Plane without a physical user. The demon voices from the urn are a great danger to anyone who hears them. They aim to corrupt the mind of all they can.

This is a level 4 encounter adventure that takes the heroes to a long-forgotten crypt below a well in Gali Forest. There, they shall find the truth about the urn and be faced with a tough choice. Fight it, attempt to destroy it, or find a way to seal it forever… Here’s a low-def preview of this illustration:

Here’s a close-up of the polluted well in the forest. The mist that climbs out of the forgotten crypt has killed all flora in a 200-wide radius.

Deep int he crypt, the demonic urn erupts with lightning and the deadly mist that threatens the forest and nearby communities. Are the adventurers strong enough to contain this terrible threat?

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