612 The Raven Mirrors of Truth

Traveler! In the Raven Mirros of Truth, a group of level-4 adventurers learns about the location of four powerful mirrors2E These ancient artifacts can show one absolute truth. Something that may allow them to continue their quests. The heroes travel to the demiplane with hopes of overcoming the mirrors’ test and proving their worth.

They ignore that the gods created this place eons ago but time has changed the magic of this place. The heroes will stumble upon past enemies, aggressive astral creatures, and visions from their worst memories… A test for the mind and heart. And in the end, the hardest test of them all, a battle against one’s self…C2A0

This level 4 adventure features great lore, many creative encounters with intriguing details, and the opportunity to learn one absolute truth that may change the odds of an entire campaign! Here’s a low-def preview of this illustration:

Here are two close detail shots of this encounter map. The hi-res files come with measurements in squares. Ideal for importing into VTTs like Rol20 or Foundry.

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