Can the adventurers defeat the mighty Figurines of Power


Traveler! In this adventure, the adventurers gain access to a strange runic sequence for a circle of teleportation. The only clue they have is the family sigil in the runes. An old dwarven family that was powerful and wealthy until their kin turn on them and dethroned them. There are legends about their hidden crypt and all manner of treasures that are supposedly stored there.

The heroes take a leap of faith and teleport to the strange underground location. It is a tomb indeed. One that was prepared to withstand would-be tomb-robbers with deadly traps, immortal guardians, and the undead manifestations of some of the deceased dwarves. If the heroes push through it all, they may gain access to two powerful statuettes made of darksteel. These strange trinkets are mutable and can take on many shapes.

This is a level 9 dungeoncrawling adventure that takes the party to a strange underground crypt, confronts them with eternal guardians of expert craftsmanship, and gives them access to a great treasure hoard. Here’s a low-def preview of this illustration:

Here’s a close-up of the antechamber. It features a quasi-living, darksteel statue of a dwarf that bows and salutes. Should the characters become enraptured with it, they may miss the deadly pitfall trap before it.

Deep in the tomb, the main hall houses six darksteel statuettes of armored dwarves. Some of these statues jump from their platforms and fight the characters. The remaining ones are a priceless treasure.

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